i have taken my

i have taken my
guitar into the
bathtub with
me once or
twice, it’s
true – sometimes
to cuddle, but
to get a call-
going, so
i can see the
tiled walls
bearing their
shiny teeth


  1. sutlive2

    I am not trying to be too literal here but would like to present a context of my point of view of your poem and in my own statement at the link below pose a question for you about your poem “i have taken my”.
    To be honest I can see a person, not any one in particular but just a person, holding a guitar in a bathtub. However I am still trying to wrap my mind around this idea. It is probably a safe, quiet, and solid place to be regardless of whether a person is holding an object or not. So I have thought of something that may be equal to your poem of a guitar in a bathtub.


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