every morning, being

every morning, being
present is
washing the blender
and noting how sharp
our brains can be
tuned even while our
bodies are still
rosining their bows


  1. Orpheus Eye

    some mornings, blindly
    breathing to
    shower the body
    to dress it grey
    cloud, seeing knobs,
    a storm, while
    skins of thought
    beneath clothed air
    fly free

    • yi-ching lin

      in the life cycle
      of every skin
      cell, there is
      birth, awareness,
      and death.
      soon, the last
      of the cells that knew
      your touch will nearly
      all at once
      complete their
      migration to
      the surface, spread
      their seasoned
      wings, and
      dive, dive –
      no one
      will know
      the difference

      • Orpheus Eye

        a dozen eggs
        sit in a crate,
        chickens drop some
        ovals we eat
        this one, a store
        window passed
        as someone smokes
        or walks their dog,
        today is of those
        where houses,
        people, and the
        air of morning
        breakfast paused
        in crow beak and
        distant traffic the
        silence of a
        fire hydrant

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