absence finds me in

absence finds me in
the likeliest of places –
in the shower this
morning, when i
flip the soap over
so that the
lettering is on
top, there will
be no one to
flip it back




  1. Alexandria Sage

    This is so poignant and beautifully written. Do you speak for the lonely or for yourself? This definitely speaks of a heart laid bare, in which is usually found the most beautiful of writing. If this is you, I hope you are healing.

  2. Christian T. Golden

    I hope that, in the midst of what sounds like loneliness, you are able to find freedom, power, and solace. Whatever thoughts and feelings evoked this poem, it is poignant and potent. Be blessed.

  3. echoingraven

    I love your use of the shower. It truly is an intimate space shared only by yourself and a chosen partner.

  4. strawberriesdance

    I love this, because it shows how, when you lose someone or someone leaves you, its hard to grasp until something so little, so simple as being the only one to now use your shower, makes you realize that you are now alone. This is beautiful.

  5. pjsecluded

    Love the symbolism demonstrated by flipping the lettering. Even the shower becomes mundane in the absence of our own self and that of another. Loved it.

  6. Stars Of Life

    There can be little elegance in loneliness too! You have said that so beautifully with the help of poem. Beautiful

      • Alka Girdhar

        Only recently I started checking Freshly Pressed posts. I realize that even if I write with all my heart, I’ll never be on Freshly Pressed. But it doesn’t matter to me. With only around 200 followers, most of my posts are well liked. Only this matters. That’s like being my own ‘Happiness Engineer’

      • Ayush Sharma

        Well I think u are pretty lucky to have them…hu…mere to ab Bhi zero hai but I still hope for my best for me and my self poems and thoughts…left on fate but I won’t loose myself

  7. Annie Grace

    It is amazing how so many emotions are contained in so less words. Beautifully written ! Kudos!

  8. Thando_

    Reblogged this on Thando's Blog and commented:
    This here is a demonstration of brief yet very powerful use of word for expression. The use of the shower (a space shared by only yourself – symbol of loneliness) and the soap (the small object triggering lone thoughts) is truly remarkable, beautiful!

    Poet: y

  9. itsmaddening

    I think its the way you explain such a small detail in your every day life, that truly reflects what its like to be lonely. Loneliness isn’t made up of big imposing situations, instead it is all the little things combined. Beautiful πŸ™‚

  10. Harris Sockel

    Hi Yi-ching! I love this poem. I help run a collection on Medium.com called Human Parts (http://medium.com/human-parts) and I’d love to share it with our readers. Would you be interested in that? If so, email me (hsockel@gmail.com) and let me know! I’d just need a short bio and I’d link back to your blog.


  11. marenhannah

    but also, they way you put or place things (like the soap) will stay they way you want them to be, with no one else to change what YOU like about your environment. It’s the realization that you are the instigator of change in your life, and are totally in charge.

  12. symplywritten

    I cannot describe how this post made me feel. I felt connected, yet I felt how my loneliness also reverberates around me. I love how instead of writing something long and rambley, you were straight to the point. You said exactly how you feel in a puzzling way that makes so much sense. I just love it. I hope your loneliness is satisfied soon.
    -Ms. Understood

  13. Lila

    Well expressed. Nice to see you on freshly pressed, y. It’s been a while since I’ve flipped through your little poetic doses (: And this one is a fave I’ll remember– especially the next few times I use a bar of soap! (:

  14. gapawa

    Hi Beautiful! Don’t be lonely! We are all here to share, learn and grow with each other! And have tons of fun!

    Hi! I am just waking up in this life! I want to connect with you! I want to learn about you! I want to create cool and exciting things with you! I want tons of money! I want to travel! I want lots of toys! I want to be a good and nice person! I want to be a good Buddhist and stop wanting to stop wanting things! I want to help the Earth be pure again! I want to live in excitement every single moment! I want the BOOM BOOM CLASH LIFE. I want to be a model! I want to be an actor! I want to have a million views on my wordpress site! I want to meet superheros! I want to ride a zipline from the top of Mt. Everest! Sooooo! Come say hi! Check out my site! YAAAAY:):):)

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  16. isra7726

    Words were few but narrated a huge story full of various emotions.. beautifully written, left an impact on me & left me thinking..

  17. pearlieng

    I understand your feelings of loneliness.. I onced drawed myself to the exact same situation, crying and mourning seem endless. But you will get back on track, stronger than ever πŸ™‚ best regards -Pearlie- (your Pink Pearl cube one is so lovely.)

  18. mysteryfishy

    Abstract and beautifully written. I can visualize and completely relate to this poem. Well written and look forward to see more! πŸ™‚

  19. Amey Meyer

    This is so beautiful and so personal that it makes my heart hurt with just one sentence!

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