the barrier to

the barrier to
entry comes
with its very own
jet pack, fueled
and ready
to go. inches
away, you are
intoxicating, i
am at
full throttle


  1. mark

    Intoxicating is a delicious word that dances slowly before fizzing quickly then disappearing, but it still sings sweetly sometimes. This is a very interesting poem.

  2. mark

    Jet packs are very very interesting for me, and I would presume for most people. If I had a jet pack I would go shopping three times a day, I would offer to take elderly people on sunday afternoon soaring sessions and I would deliver mail to people who thought they lived too far away for mail deliveries. I know it’s a bit early but that is what I would like for Christmas. ………… Ok I’m sorry I was tired and still am and I wanted to be courteous and leave and comment, and then someone shouted press send message (ME) and then It was too late and I spent the whole day worrying about what todays anagram would be and whether I could solve it……
    It is “very Interesting” to be “serving eternity” and “versing entirety” but this “intensity verger” requires “integrity nerves” but I’m “seventy retiring” “renting severity”. This “reversing entity” seeks “trinity revenges” but Im a “tyre reinvesting” and i could go on but i’m falling asleep sorry…….

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