at any given moment

at any given moment
on the tongue,
there are subtle
equations being
solved, a mouthful
of knowns and
, a study of
polynomials –
in the field of complex
numbers, you cannot
swallow without giving
away a solution or two


  1. oddanns

    This is a wonderful use of the care one takes to speak… because, of course, each moment of speaking, is a gift … and words when spoken become “given” that may for may not form the basis of a counterattack.
    So the given moment, is also an opportunity for vulnerability.
    This is hard and crisp. Full of the dilemna of speaking.

    Hahah… this comment has more words than the poem.

    • yi-ching lin

      wow, thank you for sharing your thoughts. i enjoyed reading them. especially since i wrote them thinking of savoring good foods and complex spices. if you click on the link in the words, you can always find a photo that may reveal another level. feel free to subscribe to either blog for daily doses! thank you so much for dropping by!

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