there are moments

there are moments
while standing
in the shower –
just before
a second
or a third time –
when you recall
those afternoons
when we could
build a pool
around our bodies sitting
in the bathtub,
elbows deep
in toys, splashing
out summer’s
swelter, laughing
away the fleeting
of wrinkles



  1. slpmartin

    Never had those types of images in the shower…of course I had a real fear of water…but I do reflect on warm summer rains, playing outside with friend in my youth…wonderful poem.;-)

  2. Glenn Buttkus

    Such tenderness, and capped with that
    incredible photograph; a red letter day
    in Yi-Ching’s world! Yes, many things swirl
    to the surface as the shower starts
    your heart and clears the cobwebs
    of nightly slumber. Never had
    communal baths as a child, but sure
    do have fun bathing my two grandsons,
    ages 3 and 4.

  3. woih

    tis tookme back a time..thank you. Beautifully conveyed experience.I hope you have many more……..and……..

    I’m passing on the One Lovely Blog award to you. Between your suitcase and your experiences, they fit the award to me. It awaits upon my page.Happy travels…

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