• y

      constraints! that’s a fresh perspective. i was thinking that imagination was “caught” running rampant on a coat sleeve (smile).

  1. marlowe44

    Imagination and constraints are nearly
    incompatible; strange bedfellows at best.
    The most you can do, and certainly your
    poetic and photographic and musical
    and personal emotional expressions
    only “capture” a tiny portion of the
    big glow that pulsates within you
    and your aura, and your influence on
    the rest of us. For God’s sake, woman,
    you write a poem a day most of the
    time; hundreds of those poems show
    up on my site, and get carried elsewhere
    like tiny treasures found under the seat
    on the subway, in the back of a drawer,
    on the sidewalk, in the park by the roses.
    Imagination is the warp drive, the nuclear
    cosmic power source that drives everything.
    One does not stifle it, or use it up. It is
    inextinguishable, inexorable, bawdy, lusty,
    bold, textured, and voracious–and we
    can dip into it while in chains or while
    making love, or in slumber, during gardening,
    after a feast, or during it; today, right now.

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