night arrives

night arrives
humming and
beaded, and when
dreams curve,
it’s time
to pull back
the curtains


  1. slpmartin

    How interesting as I read this I saw a window in an apartment…a lovely woman…and the shades being pulled…so interesting how you created a whole scene in my head with so few words.

  2. marlowe44

    There in the big city, where the windows
    of others tell so many interesting stories
    after dark, we find you both voyeur and
    protagonist, ready for REM after a long
    sweeping lexicon of poetic possibilities
    create cortical checklists for another

  3. marlowe44

    Oh, perhaps those fragments of ideas
    and images that float in your mind
    like ragged pieces of brain cloth,
    those things you want to awake
    and write down quickly before they
    are gone, save for another day,
    another poem.

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