ninety-nine percent of

ninety-nine percent of

is to wipe the
dust from the way
you remembered it.
the greater the
distance, the more
everyone seems to
glitter. even the
worst of old
emotions spins in the
new breeze, briefly
catching the
sunlight like a shiny
pinwheel planted
in the garden
to frighten your



  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Wonderful poem–love the line /is to wipe the/dust from the way/
    you remembered it/. In retrospect I remember several “good” things
    that happened during my 13 weeks of boot camp before Viet Nam.
    yes, yes /even the /worst of old/ emotions spins in the new breeze/.
    Wow every line is a keeper; fabulous feelings. Solid, publishable,
    memorable, quotable.

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