on the safer side

on the safer side
of the tracks, we sit
chewing on forty-five-
cent wings, feigning
powerlessness, half-
hugging our guitars
for entitlement.
there is no right
nor wrong way to
write albums that could
encourage mass
suicide, but
experience is a
sure disciplinary



  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Yes, Y, yes–we are, most of us, more powerful,
    as entities or as individuals, than we let on, or
    admit, or understand, or accept. How gently you
    chide the privileged amongst us with /feigning/
    powerlessness/; and as to /entitlement/ there is
    a subject that philosophers from Damascus to
    Detroit have tussled with in song and verse.
    But you touch it all, the photographer’s eye,
    the musician’s ear, married to the poet’s
    sensitivity. Makes me want to wash off an
    oil-soaked pelican.

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