i dreamt of the word ligamiento –

i dreamt of the word ligamiento
a bond, a knot, a
fastening. you wrote it
into my palm –
a link, a union, our
. i dreamt of
the word ligamiento
and awoke with a tethered
smile – atadura, anudamiento,
at once coming loose


  1. marlowe44

    Wow, you really got us going with this one Y!
    At first, since your language was not in
    the dictionary, I thought it might have been
    classical music terminology, but then I
    found it to be Spanish/Latin, patterned
    by you to mold into your sterling poetics.
    You are dreaming of the lost one, and the lost
    relationship it seems, and perhaps the link,
    the union was beyond your palm, to heart,
    to soul, and then to awaken smiling, that
    the spirits on your dreamscape left you
    unshackled, unbound–like your poetry,
    like your photography, like your musicianship,
    is a banner moment for all of us, a peak
    that we share your rarified air from.
    And that more than dreamcatching,
    you untied the knots, and even unraveled
    the complete mosaic of your emotional
    servitude. Congratulation on your emergence
    and your liberty. Did you know that “ligamiento”
    can refer to tubal libations too. And like the
    other commenter, I too wonder what is on the
    other side of that steel door in your photo.

    • y

      thank you so much for your kind words. it was actually true. i read that word in a dream and when i woke up, i was happy and had to look it up.

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