i am unexpectedly

i am unexpectedly
and satisfyingly
left behind,
the memory
of me has walked out
the door, recaptured
in glittering details
even in
sequins, perhaps.
i am hiding in
between the
minutes, where
no one has yet


  1. Kim

    Loved how the poem captures “the world has lost me” kind of feeling. Loved that last line! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glenn Buttkus

    How interesting this one is. It is as if you have stepped outside yourself, become the eye of the camera or the poet, just roving and omniscient; invisible, immobile, all-seeing, all-feeling, wonderfully out of step, and when you are ready, when you have gathered the images and experiences you need for that moment, you are ready to be
    /recaptured/in glittering detail/. Only you would /hide between/the minutes,where/no one has realized/ I agree with the first commentor, that is a unique and lovely notion and line.

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