to the woman you never

to the woman you never
grew into –
these photos make
less and less
sense when i
contemplate your tender
age, your face,
and at once, am
forced to despair
in two selves: the
younger one who lost
you back then, the older
one who holds
fistfuls of empty


  1. marlowe44

    So very touching, Y. Whether fact or fiction, truth or phantom poetics, you reveal so much of you through your poems, that it is like peeking right into the maelstrom of you. After the tears form, I have to fight the urge to look away; but the beauty of your inner self far outweighs the tragedies and sadness you have chosen for yourself to experience. This remembrance resonates with pale rainbows.

    • y

      thank you. though experiencing tragedies and sadness should never be by choice, allowing oneself to express it or write oneself through it is undoubtedly therapeutic.

  2. Pearl Nelson

    If I could write as well as marlowe44, I’d echo his exact sentiments. There is always a spare elegance to your writing and your sad poems read as if I’m looking through a thin cloud to see them.


    • y

      thank you, Pearl, for your kind thoughts. when you say “thin cloud,” does it mean it’s rather non-transparent?

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