at the entrance that is also

at the entrance that is also
an exit, we pile on
the well wishes
and unfolding
like a time-
lapsed magnolia
to a breeze


  1. marlowe44

    Very well put, Y; very Zen. We never exit entirely–we simply transport from one reality to another, from one place to another; inside, outside, over/under, to become a shadow or throw one. Even death, the great boogieman of our lives turns out to be another teddy bear, another door, a simple transfer of the energy we are, a transition, a confirmation of morphology. Add to this our need to make our animals seem human, and our conversations with plants and inanimate objects, and it reinforces the notion that we truly are the co-creators of what we perceive as reality. Time does fold and unfold, undulates as something eternal, no past, only a vibrant now. Space travelers will discover these portals to warp from galaxy to galaxy, from dimension to dimension. You do it with language, with poetry.
    Thanks for the journey, for the sharing.

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