the difference between knowing

the difference between knowing
is within
reach and not reaching out
and knowing something
is no longer
reachable is like suddenly
losing wings
in the middle of the night
and finding the only
gap in the nightmare
already occupied by
a whimpering seven-
year-old who knows
there is no one on the
outside to hear her



  1. pearlnelson

    This is perfect, y. The best you’ve done in a while. ‘Like suddenly losing wings’ is the perfect description. I just love this.


  2. marlowe44

    Yes, a perfectly modulated piece of poetics, Y. As a musician, poet, and woman in the stem of the apple, you have never lost touch with /whimpering seven-/year-old/ that is your heart, your creativity, your little girl lost, then found, then lost again, as grief is overpowered by joy, only to be usurped by grief again, and even in your dreams in that house of shadows that is your loss, the pain revisits and recycles and reinvents itself several times a day. Like Pearl, I adore /is like suddenly/losing wings/in the middle of the night/
    becoming temporarily land borne, unable to soar to your old heights, to your dreamland and daydreaming landscapes. But your wings will sprout again,
    as the ethereal healing and re-growth accelerates.

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