appearing like

appearing like
the sound of a
cello on the noisiest
of city streets, you
are an abbreviation
for a symphony,
nearly eclipsed by
such wicked curves


  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Are you a cellist? Several of your poems of the past make reference to cellos and your role(s) as musician. This poem shines like a sunbreak around buildings, a blast of hope /like/the sound of a/cello on the noisest/of city streets/ cutting through the city’s daily Mozart opera with that destinctive throb of the cello, the mother of emotion. I have been know to burst into tears just hearing a chord elongated on that instrument; some kind of perfect pitch and release
    for bathos and pent-up hidden pain.

  2. y

    pianist, violinist, and then bought a cello with some writing contest winnings, thinking, “how different can it be?” (sheepish smile).

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