for $3.25 each, we stand

for $3.25 each, we stand
deep in winter, slowly
chilling, a plastic spoon
between our lips, re-capturing
our fondest childhood
memories, tongues
the flavor of tiptoeing
to take in the uniform
buckets behind glass
and having to choose
between so many
swirling destinies


  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Yes, sweet as Oregon Strawberry Creme cones, double-scooped in the pudgy fingers of a little boy named Butch, back in the 50’s, dripping down onto his Roy Rogers shirt before he could lick it furiously enough; still not able to gobble it’s cold magic the way his father could. Wonderful, lyrical, almost Norman Rockwellish between your terrific photograph and nice poetics. I like the elevation of the line /having to choose/between so many/swirling destinies/ moving from a child’s treat to the desires and outcomes of the life to come, the future that awaits patiently for us to catch up to it, to run along side it, to live with it and in it.

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