i am lying

i am lying
the dogwoods
in our backyard
hypnotized by the
way the edges
of home have already
begun to curl
in the
near-noon sun. the
sky is panting, its
blue tongue showing
here and there
between terraced
branches. it is
May, and i have
all the time
in the world



  1. marlowe44

    Yes, the spring /panting/ sky with/its/blue tongue showing/here and there, a few moments of warmth, of gentleness, and I think I hear the popcorn clouds sigh as the sun shards race over the blue tongue, flicking apart the fluff, opening
    swiss cheese wonders wherever your gaze settles.
    I may have to follow Pearl’s link and read some
    of her nature poems. If you admire them, they must
    have validity. And it is good that grief sits bundled in some pocket or purse, and time stretchs out before you full of promise, of love, of wonder.

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