i am sorry that

i am sorry that
i was late to come over –
there was something wild

growing in my fridge, and i
had to let it out gently


  1. Glenn Buttkus

    This one resonates with levity, and has a light-hearted feel to it. /something wild/growing in my fridge/ conjures up a Pixar anime creature, that could growl and hiss, and limp, wheeze, sputter,
    holler and groan as you lifted its Saran Wrap, or popped its plastic top. Something multi-colored, and growing a coat of mold like a Cheeia Pet gone berserk. I did like your perfect strawberries image, but I found a knarly plate of spoiled tubors to illustrate the poem on my site. Nasty rutabeggas, pompous spoiled potatoes, gray meat, grey-green cheese, hairy hoary veggies. You have earned a (smile) 🙂 with this one.

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