some spiders are slower

some spiders are slower
than others when it comes
to marking Spring, weaving
two whole months into
March. and this is how
i find you, so three
spiders ago, saying good
morning from my
bathtub, a little tired
from all the
slipping, for want of
some solid steps
out of yesterday’s April



  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Absolutely adore the photo you used to illustrate this poem, the close up of the flower, where the dark black stamin and golden pistil appear to be an abstract arachinid. Your photographer’s view of this world, of NYC, makes even an old man like myself want to learn to use the new digital cameras, and get out there and start snapping in cemetaries, auto wrecking yards, the waterfront docks, the train yards, the forest glades, in gardens, under the porch, in the dog house, on the beach, through piles of driftwood, at pebbles, at cliffs, at the mossy bark of rain forest trees, at robins, hummingbirds, crows, and sea gulls, at mutts tied to stop signs, at cats on fence tops and on rooves, in the mirror, of my wife putting on her face or taking it off. See what your art bequeathes? And the poem, per usual, blew my socks off. I have posted, read, reviewed 145 of your poems now, and there never seems to be a trite or repetitive line in any of them. Hopefully you are submitting your work here and there; or maybe you already have. I can certainly envision it in Chapbooks and poetry digests. /so three/spiders ago/ resonates with Native American, more natural ways of measuring time, seasons, memories. And I love how the memory of the beloved, shimmering, “slipping” in and out of the image held, “tired” /for want of/some solid steps/out of yesterday’s April/; that the dreamscape of yesterday cannot ever be as tangible as the solidness of this moment, as you are writing.

  2. y

    you should totally get a point-and-shoot and go out to capture the world! don’t forget to enjoy it out from behind the lens once in awhile, though!

    i am so grateful for your acknowledgements and support. alas, i have not been regularly submitting, and when i have, i do receive more rejection than comfortable (smile). i think i need more whittling or something. any ideas?

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