i have weighted

i have weighted
of you
on some other
spring, under a new
straw hat, rose-hued,
a string to secure.

you were holding
my hand
on some other
spring, the sun
beating down on us, but
you never let go.

i have weighted
memories of you
like an old tune –
hold my hand through
this, because somewhere
a string will snap, muted



  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Your photo that synched with this poem was fascinating in itself, the cigarette butt, the cinders, wood chips, and budding red plants; terrific composition. The poem is sweet beyond measure, the beloved all those springs ago holding tightly to the child’s hand /but/you never let go/ the notion that love blossoms and sprouts so strong within when it is connected with touch that it can not dissipate with death. And to finish with the lone stringed instrument, a lyre, a lute, a mandolin, alone in the corner with a string “snapping” is a haunting image too.

  2. y

    thank you, again. i’m glad the “string” reference worked – as i said in the same post on the ylphoto blog. i wasn’t quite sure if it would work! (smile)

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