when Kanji Watanabe

when Kanji Watanabe
walks through rain
and loneliness, body long
numb, mind
unflappable, we
extend sympathy
like a handkerchief, a loose
gesture, twisting in mid-air

when Takeshi Shimura
sits on the swing and starts
Gondola no uta, eyes still
flickering, mind
unflappable, we
pull down our
sleeves, an inescapable
gesture, a gloveless sting


  1. marlowe44

    Very esoteric to include existential references from a late 40’s Akira Kurosawa classic film:
    IKIRU. Which means: to live. First we have the main character appear in the lines, and then
    the actor. Had me scratching my head some, but
    I used to be an actor myself, and I am a rabid
    movie buff, so some of the truth and symbolism
    came through even for an old dummy like me. Terrific idea, by the way, to use references
    that for most will be veiled and mysterious,
    deepening the meanings and lines.

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