so this is how it feels

so this is how it feels
to be all of a sudden so
grandfather clockless
with no steady
hands to guide us
from the one to the
three, no crossing of
paths, almost by chance
at 12 noon or 2:10
or 3:16; no one to
dust off my sleep,
and say that is
, or pack
up the tears, and
say this, too,
shall pass

the drunkard
known as
time takes another
swig of death
and passes
out in an
unmarked alleyway



  1. 1markt

    Now that is some real poetry “the drunkard known as time takes another swig of death”.very deep and creative to compare time to a drunkard wasting away your life in a drunken stupor. Very good usage. Quite cutting from one so young.
    I would like to invite you to and I would be very interested to hear any comments that you will make. Keep your sharp bite of tragic figures to capture destiny and fate.

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